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OK, I have to complain for a little bit. "What this time?" you ask...I know I seem to complain a lot here...but it's good to vent, right? Well, I am not a big fan of Oklahoma, and that includes the weather. I have never lived anywhere that the weather changes so much, so quickly. It can be 20 degrees Monday night, 85 degrees Monday during the day and back to 10 degrees that night! It is very annoying...Not only to mention when in two days you get the following: Snow, rain, big-ass hail, tornado, sun-shine and then snow again. I had heard that Southwest Oklahoma is the "hellmouth"...I used to laugh, but I think it might be true. I guess I shouldn't complain too much, it was 75 and sunny today, very nice day, and of course I had to work all freakin' day! Not to worry, I am sure it will snow on Saturday...just for me!


Blogger AJ said...

I hear you on the weather! Where I come from you put on shorts and a t-shirt, with a side of flip-flops, and you are good to go. I can't even TELL you how many times I and my defensless children have gone out into the wilds of Tulsa over or (usually) under dressed. I just can't get used to checking the weather. And we haven't even BEEN here through a tornado season yet. Good grief!

11:25 AM  
Blogger JuRiScHiCk said...

Well don't leave me hanging, did it snow on your weekend or not?? :)

It rained buckets here. We have a temporary reprieve but the end of the week brings more water falling from the heavens. Oh joy!

What are you up to tonight? Any new posts slated for the near future?!

8:41 PM  
Blogger Garrad said...

Well...it didn't snow, and most likely won't anytime soon! The weather has been quite nice the last few days, but did get up to 82 today...just a bit on the warm side for me! Yeah...haven't updated in a while...I think I should do that, eh?

9:55 PM  
Blogger JuRiScHiCk said...

82? Oh forget it, I'm not talking to you. It hasn't even reached 60 degrees here yet. LOL

10:36 PM  

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