Sunday Blues

So why is that Sundays can be so depressing? Perhaps it could be work...but, I love my job. Maybe the end of the weekend, because I do love the weekend. For me I think it is more along the lines of self-interspection (is that even a word?!?!). I tend to spend a great deal of Sunday afternoons and nights thinking about things I have done with my life. How it could be different, how to find happiness, what to do in the future....OK, now it sure sounds like I am a depressing/depressed kinda guy, but that really isn't the case. A lot has happened in the last few months, so this is the reason for all the deep thought on my part. I think that my involvement with God hasn't been as strong as it should have been, and historically, when I am distant from God, life tends to be more complicated. Coincidental? Hard to say I guess....but I have to put the two together. It seems to be the day of the week when I have the most regrets. I know, I am only 30, so I still have a lot of life to live, but damn, these 30 years have gone by QUICK, and time seems to be accelerating. I sat down to read my high school yearbook (wow, look at that hair...yeah, you don't get to see it, sorry!) and I had written myself a letter about my life and where I thought I might be in 10 years...Well, I will not be making a living as fortune-teller, that's for sure! I could have done things much different, but would I have the insight that I have now? Yeah, a lot of contemplation tonight...so sorry! Sundays are much more difficult now that I don't share them with anyone...Sunday is lonely day, definitely! Oh yeah, and my satellite company took away my Atlanta NBC/ABC so I can't watch Law and Order CI or Crossing Jordon.... the only good thing about Sunday! It's a long story, but I can't get the local channels here because of the type of dish and the apartment complex issue, so I just had Atlanta locals, which was doubly cool 'cause I could keep up the news back home. But now, I only have CBS, which I only watch like 2 shows on...ughhhh! When it rains it pours! OK, so I am whining about my TV, well it's Sunday, so it's multiplied!!! The satellite folks said they are going to ask for a waiver for the Atlanta channels, so hopefully I'll get them back soon...by May they said...at least they are fast, right?!? Well, I have rambled quite enough and I need to finish drying my clothes...another depressing Sunday ritual...so bye :)


Blogger JuRiScHiCk said...

It's self-introspection (since you asked) and it happens every day of the week for me!

Honestly, I think Sundays are depressing cuz it means you have to start the weekly grind all over again. Monday morning totally needs a good 'psyching out', so the Sunday prep is gruelling.

Sympathy coming your way. :)

By the way, the progression from soul-searching and God to missing out on Crossing Jordan was quite impressive! LOL Your brain appears to be a fun place to explore. ;)

8:59 PM  
Blogger Garrad said...

Thanks for the sympathy, I will take all I can get! Also, I appreciate the English lesson...I pride myself on being somewhat literate, and when I saw the correct "introspection" vs. "interspection", I had that "duhhh" moment! I actually thought about editing the post, but then that's cheating, isn't it? I'm glad you like the way my brain ticks...it's a fascinating odd kinda thing, I must say! Hey, keep reading, it might be interesting one day!

9:40 PM  
Blogger JuRiScHiCk said...

*grin* it may be cheating.. but i've done it. (shhhhhh)

10:21 PM  

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