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Well...again I am doing a horrible job of updating this blog. I hate when I look at others and they aren't updated...I whine to myself, "Can't you spend a lousy 10 minutes updating your blog?!?" But then I look at mine and realize that I am the worst offender. So to those four of you who actually check up on it, my apologies...Things here in Southwest Oklahoma are pretty darn boring. I did find out that the transmission in my truck is about toast, so I get to part with about a grand getting it replaced...gotta love that. I figured that a car payment would run at least $300 a month, so really a thousand bucks isn't too bad in the big picture. I am allergic to debt of any kind, so if I can't or won't pay cash for a newer car, then I sure am not going to go into debt for one! What got me into trouble was me bragging about my good 'ole reliable truck with 170,000 miles on it to a good friend two days prior to the trouble surfacing. I should know by now that Murphy's Law gets me every time, and I should keep my trap shut! And for those who might be interested, I still don't have ABC and NBC and the May 5th deadline for my waiver request is growing ever so-close. I still have about 80 hours of my favorite shows to catch up on, but not having them available "live" is stressing me out...pretty ridiculous, huh? I also started my next to last class last Friday, so the end is finally in sight...God thank you!!! On the lighter side, the flying bug is biting me pretty hard, so I am thinking of getting myself a plane. They aren't cheap, and they cost good money to keep flying, but I figure you only live once, so why not? If I actually follow through with it, I am sure it'll be about a year before I sink the cash....that's a lot of green to part with, so I'd like to be "sorta-smart" about it...although most people think that kind of expenditure is just stupid...but what are you going to do? Well, that's about it for now...I'll be back...


Blogger JuRiScHiCk said...

That would be a load of moolah, but exciting! I say bite the bullet and make a plan/budget.

So.. it's been a week... anything new in that galaxy of yours? :)

10:08 PM  
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Blogger Sara said...

It doesn't look like you keep up with your blog anymore, but I stumbled upon it. You sound like a very real person, and I just wanted to say that. You're an excellent writer as well. I wish you well, if you ever read this.

9:09 PM  

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